a very crudely drawn train on tracks going through a forest of evergreens in front of snow-capped mountains under a starry sky
interim logo of Metro Bieszczady by shadowfacts

Metro Bieszczady

Metro Bieszczady is a thing

the concept comes from the mountains Bieszczady which in Polish corporate slang come up in an idiom “rzucić wszystko i wyjechać w Bieszczady” which means basically “to quit everything and disappear into the mountain forests” because Bieszczady are rainy mountains with plenty of forest area

and I thought it would be funny like, surely you don’t have metro trains in Bieszczady, and regional domains in Poland are super cheap, and here we are

to contact the admin please email mailto:public+metro@ijestfajnie.pl or message @michcio@raru.re on the fediverse


we have a cool webring yoooo

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